Mixed martial arts, also known as MMA, is no stranger to martial arts enthusiasts all over Vietnam. MMA is suitable for all ages and levels of physical fitness, not just elite athletes, and can bring plenty of benefits to women and mothers.

“Champion Mom” Mabel Mak has maintained her fit physique into her 40’s by regularly practicing MMA over the past 20 years. She shared with UFC Gym that MMA is a sport that she is passionate about as it has helped her become fitter and healthier, letting her take better care of her family and balancing her workload.



MMA is derived from many ancient martial arts such as boxing, Muay Thai, kickboxing and more. In a 1 hour MMA session you can challenge every major muscle group in the body. After focusing on children or having a sedentary office job, the speed and power of an MMA class can be a welcome release. 


Compared to other forms of exercise, MMA is highly intense and requires heavy concentration. Being in constant motion is an effective way to burn calories and can also aid in reducing stress in day-to-day life. MMA also exercises your ability to focus, leading to benefits in both personal and work life.



Women over the age of 35 are at a slightly higher risk of osteoporosis and can begin to lose their flexibility. Besides yoga, MMA is a great way to improve the body’s flexibility, increase confidence and reduce the risk of injury when participating in other sports.


In addition to the mental and physical benefits of MMA, it also gives you the ability to defend yourself in any given situation. MMA is considered to be a great self-defence technique as you are taught to defend yourself both actively and passively.


Mothers, while you are busy taking care of your family and children, please do not forget to take care of yourselves. Regular physical activity can benefit every area of your life and at UFC Gym we have designed MMA classes and exercises specifically for the working mom to help you be happier and healthier!

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