You may already have some idea about what group fitness classes are, even if you haven’t yet tried one out yet. Group fitness classes are often high-energy workouts led by skilled instructors but that is just a small part of it, unless you have already been to a few of the classes, there are some things which you may very not be aware of. Here are the 6 things about group fitness classes at UFC Gym that you should know:

You Will Grow From the Competition

You may be wondering if the competitive aspect is for you, however, rest assured, we encourage friendly competition that gives many people the extra push they need to complete new challenges. Since we believe in “Train Different”, you will push yourself further, dig deeper and find that by the end of each class you did more than you believed you could.

Achieve Quick Results

Many people prefer to work out on their own however, when fully engaged in a class, you will push your boundaries further, causing you to reach your goals faster. You will be able to see gains in flexibility, coordination, balance, endurance and strength after just a few classes. For attaining even better results, make sure to commit yourself to regular classes and you will see the fruit of your dedication in not time. 

Make Some Noise!

We encourage you to make some noise! Unless you are in a restorative yoga class, your enthusiasm in being loud and energetic as you want is appreciated! As motivating as it may sound to “sweat it out”, you can reach a whole new level when your classmates are shouting encouragement at you. You’ll discover and experience a new vibe with fresh intensity.


A hour flies by in our group fitness classes! You won’t be the only one checking the clock in disbelief as the intensity of the classes will make time speed up like you have never experienced before. How? Usually, it’s because you are having fun and focusing on the challenge in front of you, instead of wishing each minute that it was over.

You Will Reach a State of "Flow"

When you do something that you truly love, or feel 100% engaged with, you reach a rare state called “flow”. This puts your mind at ease and doesn’t have you thinking about all the things that you will have to deal with later in the day. You will be engaged in the moment, completely absorbed in what you are doing and truly dedicated.

It Will Change Your Life

People that attend regular group fitness classes have said that “what happens in the studio doesn’t just stay in the studio.” The energy that you build during the classes impacts positively on your body and mindset, potentially causing you to make healthier food choices and sleep better. These changes can lower your stress levels, make you feel more awake and improve your digestion. A group fitness class, for some, can have an unprecedented impact on their lives.

Want to give one of our group fitness classes a try for yourself? Sign up for a UFC Gym free pass today and experience a new way to Train Different!

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