Conor McGregor, a UFC champion, has taken martial arts, and the rest of the world, by storm, with many surprised at his quick success. McGregor’s trash talking, tactics and fighting style have earned him the nickname, “The Notorious,” both in and out of the ring. Come to UFC Gym Vietnam on the 27th of August to catch the fight of a lifetime!

McGregor will face off with the legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather on the 26th of August (27th of August in Vietnam.)

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From the Streets of Dublin

Born of Irish blood, McGregor spent his childhood years in simplicity. No one could have guessed that this boy from the streets of Dublin would grow up to become one of the most infamous MMA fighters in history.

At age 12, McGregor began boxing at his local club before beginning MMA training in 2006 with Tom Egan. Those around him quickly began to see all of his potential and pushed him towards a professional fighting career. Once he turned 18 he began to pay more attention to and become more dedicated to the freedom that the MMA held. This was an important turning point in his career and his life.

The Road to MMA Championships

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McGregor used to play football and even had a plumbing internship before deciding to become a professional MMA fighter. He made his made his mixed martial arts debut in 2007 in Dublin, winning the bout quickly in the first round with a TKO. After that one fight, he turned professional with the Irish Cage of Truth and began training with John Kavanagh. After winning 2 European MMA titles, McGregor was signed to the UFC in 2013 after meeting with Dana White.

Mad Man or Tactical Genius?

McGregor’s “insane” tactics are widely spoken of in the MMA community. His knack for perfect timing and ease with which he moves has made all of his opponents wary of him. His power and accuracy have earned him multiple TKOs and Knock Out of the Night awards.

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Agile, flexible and full of surprises, it’s no wonder that he has been given the nickname “The Notorious.” McGregor will almost always engage in trash talking and psychological warfare in the lead up to matches, even during at times, earning him widespread media attention. McGregor’s fights have bought in a huge amount of revenue, with each fight becoming bigger than the last and his legion of fans is ever growing.

Watch the Fight Live at UFC Gym

The fight of a lifetime will be held on August 26th in the USA (August 27th Vietnam time.) UFC Gym Vietnam will live stream the fight so fans can catch all the action and feel like they are in Las Vegas themselves. The fight time is from 8.00am - 2.00pm at UFC Gym Vietnam (3rd Floor, Thao Dien Pearl, 12 Quoc Huong, District 2.)



No one knows what to expect in the upcoming battle with Floyd Mayweather as McGregor has never taken part in a professional boxing match. This match is being called the fight of the century, with tickets and pay per view packages being sold quickly. Apart from the opportunity to enjoy this historic match, those who attend will have the chance to experience a KickFit class and win 3 month of free classes at UFC Gym Vietnam! Register today at www.fightnight.vn!

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