In recent years, the UFC has grown considerably as a mainstream sport and appeals to a wide-variety of fans. Whether it’s the competitors or the ring, everyone will find something that captivates them. If your interest in this sport extends beyond watching and you want to get a taste of what UFC warriors go through, then have a look at these must-try fitness classes and add them to your training program.

Every combatant will have his own unique training style and although it may sound difficult as to which technique would be right for you, they generally fall under one of these 4 main categories:


A UFC fight will always begin in a standing position, therefore having skilled hand techniques and agile footwork will be an advantage. Boxing became famous through the greats Muhammad Ali, Manny Pacquiao and Mike Tyson and today these same skills are an essential part of the UFC. If you can master power punches and have quick footwork, then you have the basis for a good ground game.

Another fighting that comes from the MMA is kickboxing. This style of fighting includes both the use of hands and feet. In the different variations of kickboxing, many of them don’t allow kicks to the legs, but rather try to focus on technical high kicks and a fast paced, heavy emphasis on boxing.

This brings us on to Muay Thai, which many fighters use in their training because of the different techniques of attacks and defence that can be applied. Unlike the previously mentioned fight styles, Muay Thai incorporates knee and elbow strikes with the traditional kicking and punching.


Having some experience in either judo or wrestling can definitely benefit you ability to control and throw an opponent. If the name Ronda Rousey rings a bell, then you may know that she was the winner of the 2008 summer Olympics in Judo and the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion. Her strong judo experience transitioned well into the UFC as, in one fight, it only took her 30 seconds to defeat her opponent. Don’t underestimate the power of throws as they will teach you a variety of grappling skills including takedowns, sweeps and submissions.


Once your opponent is on the floor, you should be looking to finish the fight. BJJ, known as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, will come in handy when you are in exactly that situation. This technique focuses on joint locks, submission holds and chokeholds to win the fight. Fighters that practise MMA will train in BJJ to prepare themselves for ground fighting and ultimately, with strong, technical BJJ skills, you will be able to take down opponents that are larger in size than you and be ready for situations where you may not be in control.

If you use the techniques of sweeps or reverse from a position where you were on the bottom, you can help yourself out of a bad situation and potentially end the fight with a submission. If you are interested in such classes, make sure they are accredited in order for you to learn the proper moves and be eligible for tournaments.


Having the ability to combine all the different skills that you have learnt is a crucial factor. Adding conditioning classes to your skills training can help you to improve your cardio, technique and flexibility. Whatever classes you decide to go for to begin training like an MMA fighter, make sure that you have tried all sorts of techniques, including the basics listed above.

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