TABATA is the new workout that is taking the fitness world by storm. TABATA is a high intensity workout that can help you to burn calories and lose weight in a short amount of time. UFC Gym Vietnam delves into TABATA so you everything you need to know to join this amazing new class!

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TABATA, created by Japanese physician and researcher Dr.Izumi Tabata, is a form of high intensity interval training (HIIT) that is a blend between CrossFit and circuit training. Dr. Tabata conducted a study where he compared moderate intensity exercise, such as walking, jogging and swimming, with high intensity exercise. The goal of the study was to see if athletes (and fitness enthusiasts) would reap benefits from sessions where there were 20 seconds of intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest (20/10.)

TABATA training increases your heart rate to its maximum for 20 seconds and then allows you to rest completely for 20 seconds before repeating the cycle. One of the most appealing aspects of TABATA is that it can save a lot of time for those with a busy schedule as you can get a high level of reward with little amount of time put in.

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TABATA helps improve the circulatory and respiratory systems and even the musculoskeletal system, you’ll even build and maintain muscle! Taking part in TABATA will increase your metabolism and heart rate and, due to the high intensity level of the exercise, your entire body will work hard to compensate. Both your aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels will improve with this type of workout. All these factors make TABATA an excellent workout if you are looking to burn fat and lose weight as your metabolism will increase not only while you are exercising but for hours afterwards.

If you are only beginning your fitness journey then please exercise caution. TABATA is a highly intense workout and can be too challenging for some. The risk of injury is real so ensure you are mentally prepared and warm up correctly before attempting a TABATA workout.

If you have any questions and are interested in learning more about TABATA, or any other form of exercise, come in to UFC Gym Vietnam today to speak to one of our professional coaches!

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