Make sure you get enough sleep

We all know that sleep is important but it is even more so for athletes. Before major competitions athletes need to ensure they get enough sleep to allow their body to rest. Any athlete can tell you that a good night’s sleep will help them perform better.

However, it may not be enough to simply get the recommended 8 hours before a tournament. Some athletes share that they exercise extremely early in the morning, going to bed before 8pm and waking at 3am, two weeks to a month before a competition.

Ensure you're getting the right nutrition

Getting the correct nutrition is extremely important for high intensity physical activity so before competition day athletes eat a lot of high protein and starchy foods to ensure they have enough energy. Recommended foods include eggs, tofu, oats, yogurt, coconut and peanut butter.

Bananas and apples are great sources of energy and nutrients, especially bananas as they are easily digested and have a high mineral content. Many nutritionists advise athletes to eat between 6-8 pieces of fruit a day.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can put athletes at risk of muscle cramps during a competition. Staying hydrated will improve performance and help the body to regulate its temperature. A tip from pro athletes is to urinate before swimming.

Keep a calm mind

Above all, being in good spirits is key for athletes as competing in an anxious or bad mood can seriously affect athletic performance. Do your best to stay calm and collected, mentally prepare yourself and enjoy the race “Iron People!”

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