PLATES BARBELLS is a new class at UFC Gym and is the perfect choice increase their fitness level and tone up this summer. Let's take a closer look at this class!


The PLATES BARBELLS instructor is Tony Lowe, Head of the Conditioning Department at UFC Gym Vietnam. Tony has more than 30 years of physical training experience through a variety of sports such as athletics, swimming, mountain biking, Ultra-marathon and martial arts. From the outset of the new PLATES BARBELLS, Tony has made the exercise outcomes of this class clear: increasing strength, safe weight loss and minimising stress on the joints of the body during the training session.

Tony Lowe

These exercises are designed to use all the muscle groups in the body so taking part in a PLATES BARBELLS class will have many benefits, such as a stronger, leaner body and healthy muscle development.


Many people still believe that lifting weight is like they see in the movies: up and down. However, in PLATES BARBELLS you will be weightlifting in a different way, such as training with dumbbells (plates) or lifting weights (barbells.) The moves in this class target all the main muscle groups, not only the biceps, so the entire body becomes more toned, including the shoulders, back, waist and legs.



Come to UFC Gym Vietnam at 6pm this Thursday to take part in the strength training class, PLATES BARBELLS, with Tony Lowe. UFC Gym is proud to be the first of its kind in Asia, with a team of professional trainers working in 5-star facilities, committed to providing international standard classes for everyone who joins us.

Lauren Wu - Calipso

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