At age 40, Mabel Mak is in possession of a fit figure that many admire. Her secret is simple: regular workouts at UFC Gym. Mabel shares some of her favourite UFC Gym classes that may interest other women.


Mabel shared with UFC Gym that “MMA has a positive energy, rhythm, and requires focus – all the things that I seek.” If women become bored with standard gym workouts such as jogging or cycling then MMA is a great option to take your exercise regime to another, more challenging level.

MMA not only improves overall physical fitness but also increases cardiovascular fitness, which helps you to burn calories more efficiently, and builds muscle. Additionally, MMA training can strengthen your spirit and harden your resolve to help you overcome difficulties in day to day life.


Mabel also loves Muay Thai because of its impact on the whole body. A 1 hour workout can utilise all the major muscle groups in the body, a great advantage of Muay Thai in comparison to other forms of exercise. Muay Thai is also a great tool for effective weight loss as it is constantly challenging people to break their own limits.


“As an Asian woman with not a lot of body weight, it is often easy to feel small and passive. Most women are also not as muscular as men and can feel intimidated to participate in martial arts. For these reasons, I highly recommend BJJ as being most suitable as it is more about speed and using an opponent’s weight against them. You can use your mind to gain a competitive advantage as well as being more effective when fighting back,” Mabel says.

Mabel also suggests trying each class at UFC Gym several times before deciding which class is right for you. UFC Gym provides an environment where you can practice martial arts under the guidance of world class coaches and achieve fast, effective results no matter what your goal is.

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