While some people prefer a weight-lifting based or cardio-based exercise plan, this may not work for others. This was the issue that Colonel Geoffrey McClendon faced and so he created an alternative, a bodyweight training program that made his team leaner, stronger and faster than. Bodyweight training, also known as calisthenics, uses a wide range of gross motor movement, is performed with no apparatus and can be done almost anywhere. Take a look with UFC Gym Vietnam at what bodyweight training can do for you.

What are Bodyweight Exercises?

When performing bodyweight excises, no machines or weights are required. Instead, your sole focus is on your body as the tool to get you into shape. Many don’t realise that they are already doing bodyweight exercises as part of their normal routine, such as pull ups, push ups, planks, squats and burpees. As a general rule, bodyweight exercises will include muscle contractions, movements and positions that use the body’s own mass as a resisting force. This form of exercised with help you build muscle, burn fat and strengthen your bones and joints.

Where Can I do them?

You can do these exercises almost anywhere! The great thing about bodyweight exercises is that generally you don’t need any extra equipment, although some may require a pull up bar. If you are someone who uses their busy schedule as a reason not to work out, having a plan for which exercises you will perform can help. You can do bodyweight exercises in your hotel room, at the park, in front of the TV, the options are endless!

Who Can do them?

Regardless of the fitness level you are at, you will be able to adapt most bodyweight exercises to suit your workout needs. Give a bodyweight exercise circuit a try and based on your breathing and sweating you will know exactly how effective the routine is.  Not only will you strengthen your lungs and heart, but you will also boost your metabolism which will cause you to burn more fat and calories. Bodyweight exercises can also help you to improve your balance, core strength and flexibility.

How do I Plan for a Bodyweight Workout?

All you need for a great bodyweight workout is exercise gear, a timer/stopwatch and music, if you want it. Perform each exercise in the routine for a minimum of 30 seconds, with a 10 second rest in between each move and complete the exercise circuit 2-3 times. It is important that you take short breaks in between each round in order to let your body recover.

For more information on bodyweight training, or if you would like one of our coaches to create a personal routine for you, come in to UFC Gym Vietnam today! We also offer group fitness classes, for those who prefer a more challenging workout, and FREE trial classes!

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