Using more advanced training tools and techniques than your standard boot camp, XTREM CAMP’s sessions will make your heart race, get your blood pumping and leave you dripping with sweat. Afterwards though, you’ll have that sweet feeling of satisfaction in knowing that you gave your all and overcame challenges along with your compatriots.

With the main goals of the class being to strengthen the entire body, tone muscle and burn fat, XTREM CAMP’s methods are physically demanding and requires participants to complete the exercises in a set amount of time. The class is a series of continuous exercises that will affect each of the body’s main muscle groups.

Balancing on a fitness ball – one of the challenges of XTREM CAMP. Photo: UFC Gym

Participating in XTREM CAMP is more difficult, and requires more discipline, than you may think. Each class at UFC Gym has only 8-10 people and everyone is considered to be a member of the team. No one member of the teams wants to disappoint the others as after you complete your challenge, you will give up your space for another member to continue the task.

Facing challenges together but also working for yourself at EXTREM CAMP. Photo: UFC Gym

The cycle continues over and over, with the aim to complete all the exercises, along with the rest of the team, and conquer each challenge together while pushing yourself.

This is also how XTREM CAMP helps you overcome your own personal limits. As you face each of the difficult challenges, you will learn to face each one with fresh enthusiasm and develop a mind of steel.

You will get tired but you will also be able to pull through. Photo: UFC Gym 

It is impossible to talk about XTREM CAMP without mentioning how important it is to have the right coach and support system. Our highly trained coaches will guide you through each move, improve your technique and give words of encouragement to help you overcome anything standing in your path.

Come in and join UFC Gym Vietnam’s EXTREM CAMP to push yourself to your limits, over come new challenges and become a member of a high-intensity team!

Lauren Wu (Calipso)

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